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Soulfly Vs Snowzilla

Soulfly Vs Snowzilla

Heavy Metal Band Soulfly recently played The Mod Club. The one problem was the fact that the show may be cancelled due to the impending snowstorm. First it was cancelled, and then there may be a show. Then the classic line of the show must go on was finally uttered. I made it down to the packed show with a full room full of dedicated fans. Now these were very happy and ravenous fans, because if the show was cancelled, there was not going to be a return date for this tour.

The show opened up with the appropriate songs, “The Summoning”, and “Under Rapture”. If those were not heavy enough for you Max and company get in your face with,”Fire/Porrada”. It was very clear to see Max was in a great mood. The show was not cancelled and the The Mod Club was packed with a bunch of dedicated Metalheads!  Max made sure how much he appreciated everyone making the effort to come out and see the show. This was not your typical, we love you Toronto speech, but a true heartfelt moment. I am sure the audience felt the same way, because I met fans that travelled from out of town for this occasion.

The other thing I loved was that Soulfly played nothing but Soulfly. There were no Selpultura tunes in the set list. Soulfly has so many great songs to choose from, that Max does not have to go back his days with Selpultura. Clearly the audience felt the same way.

There was plenty of moshing going on in the pit as well as copious stage diving throughout the show. Actually, it was more stage throwing than diving. Every time someone would get on the stage, security would grab them as toss them off, and not always in a graceful manner. There was a cool moment where a small Asian girl was trying to get on the stage and Max came over and helped her out. He is always the gentleman.

The entire set was filled with aggression, powerful tribal metal. There was no a ballad in site. Some of the highlights songs include, “Prophecy”, “Babylon”, “Rise of the Fallen”, and, “Back to the Primitive”. They finished the show of with a couple of my favourite songs. Let me build this visual for a second. Max asked for everyone to squat down low and then once we were in position, the opening notes to, “Jump the Funk up”, began. After a minute the band mentally swung as us with the great tune, “Eye for an Eye”.

Max victoriously left the stage and let the band have some fun with us by doing an instrumental version of Iron Maiden’s, The Trooper.

Here are a few pics from Soulfly’s performance:

To learn more about the Tribal Metal kings go to… www.soulfly.com

To see who will be playing the Mod Club, go to… http://themodclub.com/

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