Shuffling for 35 Years

Shuffling for 35 Years

The Shuffle Demons took the TD Jazz Main stage and show a packed crowd what they were made of. I haven’t seen these guys for years but I needed to hear that one song again.  There style of Jazz was always a little crazed and fun to listen to. They seemed to have matured over the years as the songs were not as danceable as I once remembered. With that said they still had a great sense of humour, especially taking fun shot at us Canadians and how we loved our cheese on bread.

They were three sax player and each one had equal time to show off their chops, and they gladly obliged  the congregation of Jazz enthusiasts. They have a new CD coming out soon and showcased the some of it to this audience. So far so good, the Cd should be a hit with this crowd. I will let you know when it does come out for you to grab a copy of it.

Coming to the end of the set they went back to some earlier stuff and then you can hear that funky sound that got people moving back in the 90’s. They finished up with the Toronto Classic, “Spadina Bus”. If you didn’t know the song before , you will certainly walk away with it ringing in your memory for a while. With plenty of happy clapping, the band decide to created a conga line and began to work its way through a very crowded Cumberland Ave. They climbed up and down from a big rock and headed through the horde of excited fans. The drummer put on quite a spectacular display of his “Mad as a March hare” kind of movements. There was a dance party on top of the rocks before they returned to the stage and give us a very uncoordinated but fun bow to say goodbye. The band stuck around to talk to fans and new friends and signed CD’s and shirts.

Here are a few images from Shuffle Demons’ performance:

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