Perfect Mix TO

Perfect Mix TO

This is not going to be your typical concert review. This is an observation I had on Sunday at The MixTO party that happened at Dupont and Emerson in the parking lot of Lynx Music. It was truly a mix of Latin flavoured band with DJ’s mixing their sounds between sets. What I found refreshing was that this semi-private party was small enough to keep things intimate and large enough to make you feel you were part of something unique. The organizer must surely have a great understanding on how to put together various artists in the same space and make it work on every level. This event sincerely felt like a true community event. There was every age possible enjoying a beautiful day of music and connecting with others. The people were super friendly and even the artist wandered the party to see what was going on. They were not hiding in some backstage area waiting to go on then leave.

There were your food trucks, stands for drinks and even stands for some vendors to sell their wares. They even had a section where you could enjoy a free game of Ping Pong. I even noticed other artists in the audience and they were not even performing that day. The party was sold out and you had unlucky fans outside the fence waiting to see their favourite band.

I was happy to catch acts like Soukustek that got the crowd in the mood. They have a Latin sound with hints of a Santana essence. Even the singer looked like Carlos Santana. If these guys couldn’t get you moving you may not be alive. They even brought out Toby Chidolue to add to the great energy on stage.

Soon to follow was a very heavy percussive noise called Maracata Mar Aberto. It was a full stage as a bunch of percussionists led us through a primal way of being. We were lucky to be visited by the superb positive flow of Flavia Nascimento. She kept everyone stomping in grapes of joy.

Now I know nothing of the next band 47Soul, but when they hit the stage the dance floor got very crowded and all the young people made their way to the front to sing along with this cool singer. There was plenty of jumping and arm swaying and screaming to this electronic beat band. They were the highlight of the day.

As some people left others arrive to check out Toronto’s only Hip Hop Brass band. They came on like a storm and rapped a million miles an hour. Their potency kept this crowd jumping as they reveled in the brass sound and was amazed at their free form rap. I applaud the effort everyone made that day and wish more shows would pop up around Toronto to strengthen the already powerful music scene Let keep it moving and grooving!

Here are some images from the festivities:

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