Paul James Birthday Bash

Paul James Birthday Bash

Paul James invited all his friends and family and fans out to his 67th Birthday party at The Phoenix. The cover charge was $20, bit if you know Paul James, just whisper Bo Diddley in the security’s ear and he will let you in for free. He is one of the best rockabilly sounds Toronto has ever partied too.

The place looked empty at 8:30pm, but once Paul James got on you can feel the beer flowing and the large crowd is getting happier by the second. He opened with “Honky Tonk Train” and “Last Clean Shirt”. The third song, which I always consider to be the most important song of the night was, “Pretty Woman”, by Roy Orbison. Damn fine choice. Paul slid into an all-time favourite, both between himself and the audience. The song was, “Like a Rolling Stone”, by Bob Dylan. You can fine many photographs of Bob and Paul together. Paul loves doing this song when he has a chance to perform The Last Waltz, a tribute to the Band.

Paul next, got Lost in the Blues and then let us know that he was “Going Fishin…” he then and slipped into the slide with songs like, “Mean and Evil”, “Shake Your Money Maker”, which saw the female part of the audience having a little too much fun.

Paul went acoustic for songs like, “Dream”, “Cadillac Walk” and “Sweet Virginia”. With that said, Paul eventually came off stage and went over to the bar to get himself his birthday present… a beer. He proceeded to swig the bottles back and play slide guitar with that bottle. The crowd is all around him and dancing up a storm to this wonderful Rock ‘n Roll moment. He even brought up a couple of guest by the names of Max Brand and E.M. Law to do a few numbers with. This added to the incredibly fun evening even higher.

The evening ended on a high note with songs like, “Jailhouse Rock”, “Slow Jive” and “Nadine”. The swinging audience left very happy with the one hope of seeing this tornado of a performer again next year! I know I will be there.

Here are some pictures from Paul James’ performance:

To see where Paul James is playing next go to …

Check out these couple videos from Paul James as well:

This is a man that cannot disappoint his audience.

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