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Odd finds in the Odd finds General Store

Odd finds in the Odd finds General Store

There is a store in the Dufferin and Bloor area called the Odd finds General Store, and on this particular Friday night there was a bluegrass band called, Delaware. These boys could bring the joy and did just that. They started off with a couple of lonesome songs, but continued with a lot of chipper songs to keep a warm smile on your face. “Goodbye old paint, was one of those songs that filled your soul with a little hot chocolate on a cold day.

What makes this band remarkable is the fact that three of them stand at various distances from the same microphone and have a perfect sense of balanced harmony. Every sound they made that night was extremely well equalized with every sound they produced.

The band consisted of a banjo, acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, and upright bass. Their sound is extremely classy and very down to earth. It had a fluidity that was very silky and gave you the imagination of walking a beautiful countryside.

Here are some pictures from Delaware’s performance:

The headlining act was a young woman named Alyson McNamara. She had a very soft energy that was both mellow and thoughtful. Alyson worked hard to be very dreamy with her stories, but her depth needs a little bit of work. I am sure that will come with future experience.

The Odd Finds General Store was filled up pretty nicely. I believe this was due to a lot of friends of Alyson’s showing up. She must have contacted all her friends to come down to this very unique store.

She went into an electric folk bit that was very well received, and finished off with a fun song called, “Take it all off”.

Here are some pictures from Alyson McNamara’s performance:

To find out more about Delaware go to… https://www.facebook.com/delawarestringband/

To see at is happening at the Odd Finds General Store go to… https://www.facebook.com/oddfindgeneralstore/

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