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Mini Rush Fest in the Art Park

Mini Rush Fest in the Art Park

Lee Lifeson Park was the hub of dedicated Rush fans who also enjoy the music of Dave Barrett and Jacob Moon. Yes these two artists are big Rush fans as well. Dave hit the neighbourhood stage just after 7pm and proceeded to enthrall us with his aggressive prowess to any stringed instrument. He threw in some cover songs from greats like Pat Metheny and Steve Howe. He also played some original songs that would make beginner guitar player just give up or practice their butts off to begin to reach Dave’s level. He even gave us a caffeine injected version of a blues grass tune. He warmed the crowd up just enough, to bring us the nice surprise of inviting Crown Lands on stage to join him for a couple of songs. If you did not know this but Dave and the boys got together and did a recording recently and just released it. The 2-14 minute pieces are for yours to own from the latest EP called Mayapan. Now back to the main event. They decided on doing two Rush songs…makes sense since we are in their park. The played, “Making Memories”, man they never play Making Memories. They slid into a more familiar piece, “Closer to the Heart”. Yes Rush fans there is a Santa Claus.

The second half of the show belonged to Jacob Moon, who has an uncanny ability to do cover songs with a presence of honesty, creativity and integrity that you don’t hear every day. You have to go out and see him live to understand what I am talking about. He opened with Peter Gabriel’s, “Come talk to me”. Later he would enlighten the crowd with, “In your Eyes”. In between all this goodness were a few choice Rush tunes as well. There was a new classic on the already classic Rush song, “Subdivisions”. He recently lost Neil Peart’s version and asked the crowd to do it in its place that would be saying the word Subdivisions at the right time. It’s a little harder than you think. He got time to stand still and invited Dave Barrett up so they could be New World men. Of course Jacob did some original numbers that he can clearly leave in your lap as you pick them up and hold it closer. He got called back on for an encore and did a perfect job on the Jackson Browne song, “Running on Empty”.

As I found out, this show was free, but someone has to pay for it. Jacob set up a fundraising account and you can go there and contribute what you want. Now if we are to expect stellar performances like this done in special locations I hope you will help out. It takes a lot of effort and time to do this and all you need to do is click a couple of buttons. So I urge everyone to get on board and embrace this new way of seeing these unique shows. Let’s all get together and start Making Memories.

Here are some images from their performance:

To get Dave Barrett’s latest release go to… http://www.davidbarretttrio.com/

To get some of Jacob’s music go to…https://jacobmoon.com

If you want to contribute to this concert, here is the link… https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rush-the-artpark-2019?fbclid=IwAR129MVjeHcVq4VKN_rcCQEyxc8x820Mha34wOV-kqF_s0AY3QIUyYhUXe4#/

If you are looking to promote your event or want to look up an event to contribute to, you can start right here… https://www.indiegogo.com/

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