Linda Carone: The Viper

Linda Carone: The Viper

Linda Carone and Kevin Barrett, the vintage duo performed some charming and lost jazz that has not seen the light of day or the energy of the night, in quite awhile. Linda seems to be on a mission from God, no that would be the Blues Brothers. She is still on a mission to bring these unknown gems to a curios audience. Here is what Linda had to say about her shows. .

Most every show is somewhat of a tribute to the lost and lesser known, forgotten but fabulous musicians, many of whom were Women. Pioneers in the Roots of jazz, blues and swing eras. Lil Hardin Armstrong, Cleo Brown, Victoria Spivey, Elsie Carlisle, Bea Wain, Ruth Etting and Trixie Smith are just some of the women whose songs we share with our appreciative audience. We hope you can join us at this intimate venue.

Linda ran through a lot of our gentler emotions like joy, melancholy and at the same time tells stories of this precious era. I never thought about the 1940’s as being a very empty era of music, but know that I think about it, there weren’t a lot of new sounds coming from that time period. Linda mostly stuck to the 20’s and 30’s. She did one contemporary piece that had sprinkles of Amy Winehouse and Spanish sounds combined.

What made this a fun night was the theme of the evening; even though I don’t believe it was her intent, it seemed to rely heavily on some reefer madness. Yes they used to sing about the weed way back in the day, and it seemed so innocent and fun. If you were known to take the occasional toke you were called a Viper. So the next time you want to spark up, go see Linda and Kevin and grove to these beautiful gems from the past, then grab yourself some pizza.

Here are some images from Linda Carone’s performance:

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