Liberated at the Libertarian

Liberated at the Libertarian

The weather is warming up, you can feel the mood of the crowd is in a happy place. The Libertarian is at capacity as the glow with the opening sounds of Hot Apollo. The singer, Jaymes Buckman jumps in headfirst and begins a bombastic ritual of twirls and swirls. Jaymes looks like the bastard child of David Bowie having an orgy with Johnny Rotton and conceiving Brian Eno’s wild child. He knows how to keep an audience totally engaged. With songs like, “Baby Lord”, “Gwen Stacy” and “Dyhamo Love Star”, you know your 70’s glam rock is in it’s happy and safe place and is ready to slap you in your face.

Here are some pics from Hot Apollo’s performance:

The next band up was a wonderfully creative band called the Tape Eagles. The singer here reminded me of Garth Hudson’s long lost son, or was it Greg Keelor on really great prescription pain killers? You will have to figure that out for yourself. Their sound throughout had a country sensibility with every other sound coming from the wild spectrum of pop music. Most of their songs were short and sweet, being around the three minute mark. You could definitely feel the sounds of Bo Diddley, CCR, and some psychedelic 60’s, with some YeeeHaaa Country riffs. This is a band you could not walk away and not feel happy about. Songs like Radio Waves, Don’t hide your heart, and Let it grow, grew very quickly and very easily.

The crowd was friendly and very warm. A regular who I was engaged in good conversation with offered me his full can of beer because he was feeling a little too tipsy and had to be at work for 6am the next morning. I noticed the wonderfully lit crowd, and if you were feeling the buzz, order yourself some spaghetti and take it down a notch.

Here are some pics from Tape Eagles’ performance:

The headliner, The Unlikey Story, finally entered their arena and began their Hard Rock set. Their grooves were good and the two guitarists knew how to make good noise.  The standout in the band was the bass player. This guy held the entire band together throughout the set with his bass incisions. Unfortunately the band seemed to stall with the singer. His vocal energy could not keep up with the bands riffs and he did not even engage the audience, because he sang with his eyes closed. It felt like you were sitting in a great muscle car stuck in park. If they found a voice to express their sound this is a band you would want to totally rock out to.

Here are some pics from The Unlikely Story’s performance:

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