Kensington’s 1st Annual Jazz Festival

Kensington’s 1st Annual Jazz Festival

The fairly young Trinity Common and Molly Johnson organized the 1st ever Kensington Jazz Festival starting on Jan 8th and will run every Sunday until February 28.The first band on this bill was The Mike Downes Trio. They were three extraordinary musicians that went through some very complex standards, as well as some of their own material. Instrumentals like, “Momentum” was a perfect example of hit your stride while at the same time driving down a country road on a Sunday morning. Another great example is when the did their 2014 Juno award winning song, “Ripple Effect”.

The band clearly showed their versatility by being very tight as well as exploring the space. By the way, I was drinking a beer called Cowbell when they explored the space. When Mike was in his groove and smiled about, the room would simply glow with admiration and appreciation.

There came a moment when Mike pulls out his bow and began playing a haunted melody. That is the moment the really cool atmosphere of the Trinity common emmerged. It is a place where doors hung on the wall, led you into your own personal imagery and awareness. The license plates called out, to let you know they have traveled to unknown realms, and that they would not share those stories with you. There were babies in this space getting their first music lesson from some of the most skilled musician Toronto has to offer.

The Mike Downes Trio unique blends of various Jazz styles turned the Trinity Common into the Trinity Uncommon. This next 7 weeks should be very interesting with other great line ups. Here is a great reason to explore the Great Kensington Market and get some Jazz culture in your system. This happens every Sunday from 12-3 pm. By the way, the brunch is pretty fantastic, as well.

For a listing of the Jazz Festival go to or

To find out where Miike Downes is playing look up for his schedule.

View images from the Mike Downs Trio below:

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