Kensington Jazz Festival – Lighthouse

Kensington Jazz Festival – Lighthouse

Gordo’s was the alleyway venue for some great bands at the festival. I made it to see Lighthouse celebrating 50 years in the business. The packed alleyway was filled with older and younger fans waiting to get their teeth in this 10 piece ensemble of Rock, Jazz and funky flavours.

They kept the audience happy with such hits as, “Broken Guitar Blues”, “Sunny Days”, and “Pretty Lady”. I believe the secret to the longevity of this band is that fact that there are no stand out stars. They play as a unit and everyone get to show off their talent. One of the nicer moments I felt from the evening was seeing Jamie Prokop on drums. For those of you who are uniformed, Skip Prokop was an important player in this band until he passed away two years ago. His son now is sitting proudly in his Father’s seat and is doing him proud.

I was getting near the end and everyone was still having a great time, then you heard the opening notes of, “One Fine Day”, when the audience jumped up and truly began to rock out. People came from different part of the venue to get near the stage and have their own dance off. Even the band was surprised at this affectionate display for this classic song. The band played two more songs and the singer, Dan Clancy gave everything he had to keep this party going. He looked like he was going to collapse at the very end. Instead after the final bow with his band mates he came right to the front of the stage and talked to many of the audience members who clearly were on cloud nine after a great night of music.

Here are a couple pics from Lighthouse’s performance:

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