Kensington Jazz Festival – Jim Cuddy

Kensington Jazz Festival – Jim Cuddy

Jim Cuddy opening a Jazz Festival? Yes, he and Molly Johnson have been friends for a long time, and she is the kind of woman to ask her friends to show up and help out. Even Jim was a little surprised at this invitation, but he is a generous soul and would help out just about anyone. He joked right at the beginning that Jazz aficionados would stare from the street as Jims Country sounds came out of the venue The Supermarket. How could they invite this crappy country twang to a jazz festival? That’s simple, jazz was based on breaking the musical rules and Jim was having a great time doing that.

Of course he delved deeply into his solo work and Blue Rodeo stuff, but he did lean into a jazz song just to prove it was a jazz band, even for just a moment. Jim did a beautiful job of the classic, “Cry me a River”, with his heartfelt vocals. He even slipped a Skydiggers song to add to the flavor of the evening. Too bad Andy Maize was not in the audience to enjoy that one.

A simple moment turned out to be one of the highlights of the evening. Jim told the audience he was waiting for his Mother to show up but she was late. It probably had to do with the fact that his Brother was driving her to the show. A few songs in and Jim warmly welcomed his Mother to the show as everyone turned around in curiosity to see who this woman was. Well now the show felt complete and warm and giving. Thanks Mom…

Here are some pictures from Jim Cuddy’s performance:

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