JT in the Neighbourhood

JT in the Neighbourhood

Julian Taylor took the time out of his schedule to have an intimate moment with his peeps from the neighbourhood. He brought his guitar to grace the lovely but humble Mennonite New Life Centre on Queen St East. He ran through just over an hour’s worth of material from his very early stages of his musical life up to the very present with cuts from his new offering, “Avalanche”. He would explain the inspiration behind these songs and the lyrics carried the quiet audience on personal journeys. He even got us to do a little sing along to a song that we have never heard before, and it worked. He finished off strong with a powerful note, that seemed  to never end. I think the audience was stunned hearing this note, so Julian egged us on to clap and make some noise as he took the song in for a landing. I was glad to see this turn out of people curious about Julian, because they didn’t seem the type of people that would be going out at 10 PM to see him play. A nice win for everyone.

The second half of this workshop was an interview to learn more about his life as a musician. Well we got a lot of great insight to this man. He is a true Torontonian, born and raised. YAY Toronto!  He is a DJ for a radio station,106.5 FM. He has been a professional musician for over 25 years, which is hard to believe because he looks way too young to be doing it that long. I have heard his sound and he plays a ton of different genres, but he now simply describes it as Funk Soul and Roll. The questions kept rolling in from the audience as they had a short Q&A period to end of this intimate time with their neighbor Julian Taylor.

Here are a few images from Julian Taylor’s performance:

To learn more, see where he is playing next or buy his new CD, go to… www.juliantaylor.com

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