Indie Music Week – Opening Night

Indie Music Week – Opening Night


I arrived at the Revival to kick back with a bunch of people in the music industry and get this party started. Indie Music Week is a five day journey with over 200 bands to check out. This may sound a little overwhelming, but once you get into the groove of this party, you will discover some great new bands you may want to call your own. Personally I think Indie Week stacked the odds in their favour at this opener. It seemed that the talent started off pretty solid and only seemed to get better as the evening whiffed into a haze of happy sounds and reimagined what it was like to discover new music. It was fun and exciting and you couldn’t wait to see your band again. So with no further ado let my experience seep into your psyche.

I walked in as a young Columbian girl was just getting on stage. Her name is Camila Andrew and she seemed a little distraught as she told us that her band got stuck at the border and she would be the only one on stage this evening. Luckily she had her backing tracks so she used that to entertain us. She pulled off a great Freddie Mercury attitude with the motto, The show must go on. Her voice completely suited the music she was playing. It has a South American dance pop feel to it with a lot of fun flavours to taste. It was a milk and cookies moment. Her vocals were very clean and crisp and very enjoyable.

Here are some images from Camila Andrew’s performance:

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We then travelled to the great white north for our next artist. Her name is Kelly Fraser and she hails from the town of Saniklaq in Nunavut. If you are curious to see where she lives here is a link to her town.

She started with a traditional song that grabbed the audience’s attention and quickly slipped into her modern sound. Kelly went from this meek and nice character and transformed into a fierce and dramatic storyteller. Her movements and expressions told you that not only is she an open person but has deep experiences, much deeper that most people standing in the room.  She is a young woman with a lot to tell and it definitely became very clear when the last thing she said to us was, that she has high hopes to decolonize this country. High hopes indeed, coming from a very isolated part of Canada. Toronto PAY attention to this artist.

Here are some images from Kelly Fraser’s performance:

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Well let’s travel to Korea now for our next band called Bobby Pins. This band has the ability to capture you immediately with their very hooky phrasings. This band epitomizes the realm of high energy pop rock with a whole lot of fizz. Their music is very danceable and come with a great deal of fun and a sense of humour. Who sings songs about cat hair messing up your clothes and you want to dance to it. These guys seem to have that magic elixir that can come up with sensible pop tunes that puts a smile on everyone’s face. They told me later to check out their friends called Drinking Boys and Girls Choir playing at the Bovine. Review of them in a couple more paragraphs.

Here are some images from Bobby Pins’ performance:

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Now we travel to Florence Italy to witness and up and coming Rock Band that are shooting for the stars. They are called Piqued Jacks and they are ripe for the picking. They came out with all guns blazing and every rock star idea rolling around on this very limited stage. So what do they do, they come out to the audience to expand their horizons. These guys are rock solid with every song, a potential hit for them. They wore some pretty cool rock gear and I believe their statement was, we are going to the top as quickly as possible. I know I felt that way while I watched them. I rarely see a band who works so hard to climb the Jacob’s Ladder of Rock. One of the few times I have seen this happen was at Lee’s Palace when about thirty people came to see an unknown band doing the same thing. This band hailed from Windsor Ontario and is now The Tea Party. I hope Piqued Jacks finds a good audience in Canada, because I can’t wait to retell this story about seeing a band perform with such passion and wanted to reach great heights. These guys have the right formula to get them there.

Here are some images from Piqued Jacks’ performance:

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Well, we are now back in Toronto for the very high energy of Goodnight Sunrise. They started their drama with 2001 A Space Odyssey. This band seems to have a mixed bag of what I can relate to only as a Glam Thrash Punk Rock sound. They are wonderfully spastic as they randomly herky and jerky around on stage. They are both very sloppy and extremely polished. This is what gives the their edgy charm. They engage the audience as often as possible with fun schemes like throwing out glow sticks only to have them being thrown back to them. That was fun. They come out to the crowd often to confront us and challenge our loyalty. The fall down, they climb onto the bar to rock out. They are a very visual and physical band. Who needs to go to the gym in this outfit? They finished the evening with their sing along as well as their anthem, “This is yours to make”.

Here are some images from Goodnight Sunrise’s performance:

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They finished off the evening with a band I have already seen three times this year. They are a Hip Hop band with some serious horns playing behind them. This Is Bangerz Brass and they grab you by the collar and shake you up until you fall into their fervor. The singers come out and whip themselves into a pocessed fury as they free style the words. Simple put these guys are the dopest Hip Hop artists Toronto has. Strange to say, if you like bands like Lighthouse or Chicago, you will totally pick up what these guys are laying sown.

Here are some images from Bangerz Brass’ performance:

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Lastly, I took the advice of Bobby Pins, you know that Korean band. I went to see another Korean band called Drinking Boys and Girls Choir. I flew over to the Bovine as they were about to start. Well I was not ready for this. A three member punk band that could only play completely out of key, have no rhythm or coherent melodies to easily slip into. There is one big BUT coming into play here. They were so bad that they were good! After the initial shock you kind of entered into their world of madness and found a sense of pleasure in all these torturous sounds. If Lemmy from Motorhead was doing crack as he made love to Korean women, these would be his Bastard children.

Here are some images from Drinking Boys and Girls Choir’s performance:

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I can’t wait for day 2!

Here are some links to these bands. I am sure there will be at least one of them you will enjoy.

Camila Andrew-

Kelly Fraser-      

Bobby Pins-

Piqued Jacks-

Bangerz Brass-

Drinking Boys and Girls Choir-

And let’s not forget, we wouldn’t be hearing this great music without Indie Week-

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