Going Mad at The Drom

Going Mad at The Drom


It’s not just another night at The Drom Taberna, it was a witness to a secret party put on by the band Mad Heads. I got there minutes before the band went on and there was very little room to move. The bands followers were excited to get up close and personal. Normally this band love doing large festivals, especially Toronto’s Ukrainian Festival. This day they packed the eastern European restaurant/night club with the promise of a great party ready to happen. They delivered starting the evening with some traditional Ukrainian songs that about half the crowd knew the words and sang along.

The band consists of Lead Singer and guitar,Vadym Kransnooky, Guitar, Serhii Chekmak, Bass Player, Maksym Nehodin,Trumpet, Max Forster, Trombone, Nick Marshall and prehistoric drummer, Anton Babych. They clearly had a knack for pacing the party well, mixing up the setlist with traditional folk songs, some rockabilly style music and created wonderful chaos with some ska and punk rock. Half the set was sung in a Ukrainian styles and the other half in English, but that did not to slow down the entire audience, because those Ukrainian songs were attempted by everyone even if you are not from the homeland.

They even recreated some well known songs in their style. Songs like Californication  was well received as a rough and tumble version, a high flying version of Don’t worry be happy filled the dance floor with happy clapping people, and even Bob Marley would approve of how he was represented on the stage.

The band did three sets to give the audience a couple of breaks to rev up for the next set. Each set had it own level of high endurance energy that just kept ramping up at the show grew deep into the morning. You would find Singer Vadym, interacting with the audience constantly throughout the evening, by leaving the stage to be amongst the enthusiastic crowd. He even got on top of the bar table a few time to be seen by everyone and just to get the crowd whipped up into a new frenzy. It seemed to work. Just as the frenzy was swirling you even has a drum solo by a T-Rex. This will be one of those evenings that fans of this band will not forget anytime soon and for any new comers, I can guarantee they will be looking out for the next time this band hits the stage anywhere. Make sure when you are at their show to grab a Cd or T-shirt as a memento. They actually have 8 recording under their belt, so be sure to get all of them.

Here are some images of Mad Heads’ performance:

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To like this band on Facebook click on this link… https://www.facebook.com/madheadsxl/

To see who else is playing at The Drom Taberna or just go there for great Perogies like this  and hit the button…https://www.facebook.com/dromtaberna/

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