Goblins and Dogs

Goblins and Dogs

It’s a Friday night and if you are into Whacko Tobacco, the Hard Luck was a perfect place to be. The place was filled with musicians that would have kept your head in the cloud and shot you off into space. The headlining acts are good friends from Calgary (Chron Goblin) and Edmonton (Black Mastiff). Apparently Calgary is a city with a small town attitude. This would be true, because I have been there. The music scene is tight and they really support each other. It only make sense that these two well equipped bands that are on a mission to destroy and enhance brain cells like mad scientists  would be on the bill together.

Chron Goblin upon first hearing, they know how to make a lot of noise, but as you quickly sink into their quagmire you realize there is a lot of attention to detail as they stomp around you grey matter and loosen you from the confinements of the rigorous lifestyle that you live in. They could be as tight as a funeral drum or as sloppy as a frog meeting a steamroller on hot tarmac. They clearly are huge Black Sabbath Fans due to the cunning arrangements they spew out at you. We are not just talking classic riffs like Paranoid or Iron Man; we are talking about the deeper cut of true Sabbath Fans, like Symptom of the Universe or Tomorrows Dream. Their setlist consisted of songs like, “Oblivion”, “War”, and “Hard Living”. I particularly liked the guitarist, because of his spastic ways around the stage and he looked like he was having a lot of fun doing it. That alone is worth the price of admission. Check out their new CD, “Here Before”.

Black Mastiff was soon to follow this act that had already got my full attention. It was a three piece band that came on quietly, did a sound check and just started. From the opening note you could tell these guys were all business on the heavy riffs. Each and every song had a great hook and riff that just kept you locked into their ST Vitus Dance. There were audience members rocking out and totally losing control over their body parts and loving it. The only thing I struggled with was they had three singers and the main singers voice didn’t seem to fit in with the high octane and monstrous licks that was being produced. With that said the other moment where you realized it was worth the price of admission was watching the drummer of this band. His strength and speed were great but watching him brought you to a new level of appreciation as this guy was the heart and soul of the band. This was an evening of great riffs good times, not so high. The outside of the bar did not have much Bob Marley floating free. It seemed to be a meeting of old friends, meeting new friend and showcasing new music. Two solid bands hitting the road together and promoting their new stuff, not a bad way of living. Black Mastiff’s new material is called, “Loser Delusions”.

Learn more about Chron Goblin at… http://www.chrongoblin.com

Read the latest on Black Mastiff here… https://www.facebook.com/officialblackmastiff/

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