Choir, Choir, Choir!

Choir, Choir, Choir!

There is a company who are championing the legalization of Weed in Toronto. We are now only days away from this becoming a reality. Up just made this pre-party to what is about to happen. You could smell the celebration in the air as we were getting ready for Choir , Choir, Choir. What is Choir, Choir, Choir you ask? Well I had no idea. I thought it was going to be a choir singing iconic Tragically hip songs. Boy was I wrong.

As it turns out, our hosts, Daveed Goldman and Dabu were there to teach Toronto how, to sing the classic Hip song, “Grace Too”. They took their time with us and taught us a the basics thay went into this great song. There were a lot of laughs along the way as Daveed took time out to insult us and point out bad singing mistakes. This lesson went on for about one hour, but nobody wanted to leave, because we were getting better and we felt like a musical community. The time came for our final run through to see if we were a worthy cause. We did the musical version of the song, then an a capella version of the song.

This was the moment when Johnny Fay and Robbie Baker came out to see how we did. They donned their instruments and began playing, “Grace Too”. The crowd gave it their all and you could see the smile on the musicians face as we congregated into one blast of joyous noise.

After plenty of pats on the back, the members of the Hip treated us with two more songs, “Bobcaygeon”, and “Ahead by a Century”. The throng of Canadians couldn’t help but sing these two songs with just a much enthusiasm. I say Canadians, because I heard people coming from different parts of Ontario just to be at this event. How cool is that.

If you want to join this choir, simply go to and see what event are coming your way. You will not regret having this much fun being in an audience and feel like part of the community too.

Here are some images from the Performance:

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