CD Reviews

Tall Boys

World Famous Tall Boys – NO.2

I must admit this was a unique experience. The CD started off like a Progressive ...
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The Spirits have shown up and have a ritualistic dance to perform. “Incantation”, is just ...
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Surreal Gets Real

Normally I would not write about a band from outside of Toronto, but these guys ...
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Silver Creek Folk

Silver Creek Folk – Long Road Home

Silver Creek Folk just released their second EP, Long Road Home, and for anyone who ...
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Kill Sid CD

Kill Sid – The Lincoln County Sessions

The first thing I want to say about this Ep, is they open up with ...
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Julian Taylor Band

Julian Taylor Band – Desert Star

The first thing I noticed when I got this CD, is that it is packed ...
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Minotaurs – Weird Waves

I have to start off this review with a short story. I told my girlfriend ...
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Kelly Prescott

Kelly Prescott – EP

When Kelly Prescott opens up her mouth to sing, you instantly understand she was born ...
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Johnson Crook

Johnson Crook – EP

Let me put this into perspective right away. When you want to start a business, ...
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royal fuzz CD

Getting the fuzzy Royal Treatment

One of Toronto’s favourite stone rockers, Royal Fuzz has come out with an  EP, Foxfuzz ...
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Fraser Daley

Fraser/Daley- Fifty Miles of Elbow Room

Two of Toronto favourite sons, Alec Fraser and Mike Daley released their third CD,”Fifty Miles ...
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Mike Todd

Mike Todd – Good Man

Is Mike Todd a good man? Well you are just going to have to buy ...
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