The Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield is dedicated to the great Canadian artists and albums that helped shaped the Canadian identity in the grand scheme that we call our music. I believe that our country is not shaped by one particular sound but eclectic and diverse ideas that have creatively bonded people of all nations. This is the music that Canadians could stand up and be proud of as we stand on the bedrock of a country with a strong devotion for original and distinctive music.
The Tea Party

The Tea Party – Transmission

Back in 1991, a self titled album was making some noise on the airwaves and ...
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Voivod – War and Pain-1984

Here is a quick history lesson on Heavy Metal. 1980 saw the explosion of Heavy ...
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Blue Rodeo

Blue Rodeo – Outskirts

This little write up could have been about any Blue Rodeo record in their discography ...
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Klaatu – 3:47 EST

1976 - The Canadian Beatles Back in 1976 a colourful album was released which would ...
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Nash the Slash

Nash The Slash – Decomposing

Decomposing was released in 1981 and was an EP released by Nash The Slash. Nash ...
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