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And this little Boogaloo went to market…

And this little Boogaloo went to market…

Jv’s Boogaloo Squad celebrated the release of their cd Going to market at The Burdock. The place was packed with friends, family and curious onlookers wanting to see what this band can do. Well this band can do a lot. Their opening piece sounded just like a funk jazz sound that came from a 70’s New York  movie. Booker T and the Mg’s comes to mind. The cool Hammond sound filled the room. It was fast but not too furious.

The next thing we know we were listening to the origin story of this new band. As it turned out JV was in another band years ago with the guitar player Adam. Somehow JV got fired and years later ending grabbing lunch at an A&W in a gas station at the corner of Eglinton and Avenue rd. There was Adam in the same tiny place and they didn’t know if they should say hi to each other. Well after a moment of deliberation the greeting happened and they decided to try a new route with a new band. JV’s Boogaloo Squad was born.

They continued playing with new pieces from the CD. There was a really fun moment when they dedicated a song about the capybaras who escaped from the High Park zoo. They used their imagination of what these fine creatures were feeling that day. Well, it sounded very joyful and that they had a great day away from the Zoo. The next piece was called “Squadzilla”. It was quite the monstrous piece of music. You felt like you just went 12 rounds with the champ at the end of this uncanny musical tour de force.

Throughout the evening there were several guest appearance that had helped this band in the past. First we have Joel Visentin on Keys and fearless leader. On guitar was Adam Beer-Colacino and Jeff Halischuk on drums. The first guest invited up was Michel Dequvedo on percussion. Man could this guy find the grove and use all the space to fill it in. Next up was Marc Rogers on Bass. Here was another dude that could fill the space and add some dimension to it. We got to meet Kelly Jefferson on Sax. At first he looks like a high school music teacher that would just teach you the scales. Boy was I wrong. This cat could wail until the cows came home, or maybe they wouldn’t want to come home due to that wild noise. After he was done another sax player, Alison Young got on her sax and began to play. Her energy was confident and playful and fun. It was cool to have those kinds of opposing forces show off their wares.

JV insisted we stay for the second half because he had an ace in his pocket to keep this celebration going. Well it was truly worth it. He invited close friend Aphrose to sing on stage, and the entire second set was a tribute to the late great Aretha Franklin. They mix the songs well with classics as well as covers Aretha did over the years. The highlight came when Aphrose belted out an amazing version of, “Bridge over troubled water”. There truly was a wow factor circling the room at that moment. I won’t go into the rest of the set because every song stood on its own and just added to the overall experience of this genuinely terrific band. I hope they play around Toronto more. It will give you a chance to see what I am talking about. Pleas pick up their new CD, Going to Market. It will just enhance your collection.

Here are some pics from JV’s Boogaloo Squad’s performance:

To learn more about the Squad go to… https://www.jvsboogaloo.com/

To see who is playing The Burdock next, go to… https://burdockto.com/

JV’s Boogaloo Squad

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