A night of some heavy Demons

A night of some heavy Demons


 The Danforth Music Hall hasn’t seen such serious metal acts inside these four walls for a long time. The near sold out show brought us a band from Faroe Island, a small place between Norway and Iceland. The Band TYR crushed the onslaught of the crowded hall and promised a return when they come back as a headliner. If this was this first band I couldn’t wait to see what the other two would bring to the stage.

Here are some images from TYR’s performance:

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Lizzy Borden from California were next up and I have to admit, even though I have known that name for many years, I was not prepared for the theatrics that would stomp out on stage. Lead singer Lizzy can Rock on like a steroid version of a Kiss member with a big foreboding costume that you would have nightmares about. Every song there was a slight change of appearance as this Glam and gore outfit eventually baptized the first row with some blood.

Here are some images from Lizzy Borden’s performance:

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Up to this point the one obvious problem was the sound system. I have been to many metal shows and your hearing does adjust to quality sound even though they may turn it up too way past 11. The vocals simply got lost with all the low register of the drums and bass playing. It just could not break through properly.

The main attraction was about to hit the stage and I was hoping they would fix this problem. Demons and Wizards seemed to choose Toronto and Montreal to be their only Canadian stops on this tour. I am not sure why, but who was I to make this decision. I couldn’t wait to see a band I have waited for about 15 years. They started strong with opener,” Heaven Denies”, and then going straight into,” Poor Man’s Crusade”. The third song did not disappoint with the amazing song, “Touched by the Crimson King”. I was still in the pit photographing the show, but somehow I could still fist pump hard and shoot at the same time. The lead singer, Hansi saw this and gave me some props of approval. Since their sound can be very heavy, their quiet interludes could be very poignant as well. The sound guy had his work cut out for himself. He slipped a few times but recovered as well.

Since this is a band made up from the best of Iced Earth and Blind Guardian, the questions were which songs were going to be the focus of their past success. With Iced earth, we got, “Burning Times”, and “I’d die for you”. With Blind Guardian we yelled and sang to songs,” Welcome to Dying”, and “Valhalla”!

The finale came with the heavy rocker,” Blood on my hands”, and then they let us go with the heartfelt song, “Fiddler’s Green”.

Well that was a great exhausting evening of fist pumping and singing. There was no way any violence could be committed, simply because there was no energy left in the audience. 3 solid bands completely draining all of you metal energy just happened and it was just fine as you made your way back home.

Here are some images from Demons and Wizards’ performance:

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For more Nordic Metal check out TYR at… http://tyr.fo/

For more Cali Glam and Gore look up … http://www.lizzyborden.com/

To pick up some cool looking merch go to… https://demonsandwizardsmerch.com/

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