A Night of Eclectic Moments

A Night of Eclectic Moments

Ok, so I am at Stop Drop and Roll at 300 College St, just above Rancho Relaxo to see three different bands. It did not work out that way for me. The headliner L’autre Dame started off like a dying weed that has done too much meth. I noticed my batteries were dead so I went to my car to get more batteries when I was just about to get a ticket, so I got in my car and went home. I got a few photos to show you the band. So that was my memory of L’autre Dame. Sorry guys next time.

Here are some pics from L’autre Dame’s performance:

I did see the opening act, Nanochrist. They crunched and munched the crowd brains with their relentless torturous industrial sounds from the wastelands. Oddly enough there were some songs that were actually danceable.  There were hardcore fans headbanging while others were dancing after curfew.

Their jabbing sounds felt like a fierce needle poking your skin. Whether you felt pleasure or pain, that was your journey. They touched on many heavy genres during their set. You had Industrial, Punk, Metal and even some gansta Rap, with a bit of Transmetal thrown in.

Here are some pics from Nanochrist’ performance:

The first band on was Double Eyelid. It was a bit of a sloppy opening, but soon went into various sounds of smooth cabaret chaos, to Ravel’s Bolero being dragged through the bogs of Scotland. The guitarist was in his own space and you better not enter it unless you are already in you own personal space station. The singer conjured up a thought of, what if Bryan Ferry had sex with Rick Astley, got divorced and left the baby on the doorstep of a really contumelious foster home.

This preppy goth band was good pretty good until their final song, that was trying to sound like a Nine Inch Nails song but came up 6 inches short.

Here are some pics from Double Eyelid’s performance:

Overall it was a fine night of beautifully dark sounds, that should be witnessed by a bigger audience, and Stop drop and Roll is a great venue to see bands like these.

To get your concert listings from Stop Drop and Roll go to https://www.facebook.com/stopdroprollto/

To see L’autre Dame go to https://www.facebook.com/Lautre.Dame

More on Nanochrist go to  http://www.nanochrist.com/

Double Eyelid can be found here http://www.doubleeyelid.ca/eclectic moments

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